Friday, July 28, 2017

DELUXEWARE Logo T-shirts

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Logo T-shirts have arrived from DELUXEWARE.


Dark Bordeaux



Chestnut Brown

All colors are so attractive.

When the color starts fading, it will be more attractive.

Price: 6912 yen

Until next time...

MATSONS Gingham Check B.D. Polo Shirt

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Let me introduce a polo shirt from MATSONS.

Gingham Check B.D. Polo Shirts 

There is a slit on both side.

It's a button-down collar.

The fabric is cotton knit which stretches a lot and very soft.

You can enjoy a different style when you wear a cotton pique polo shirt.

Price: 9612 yen

Until next time...

Trying different White Shirts on...

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

I'll try different white shirts on to compare...

First, it's from SUGAR CANE.

It's made of 88 % cotton and 12 % linen honeycomb fabric.

I'm trying on size L and fits perfectly.

Price: 10584 yen

Next, it's from UES.

It's made of 60 % cotton and 40 % linen fabric.

I'm trying on size 3 that is a just size for me.

Price: 15984 yen

Why don't you try an open collar shirt something like these?

You can wash them in a washing machine at home!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

CUSHMAN Border T-shirt

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Let me introduce Border T-shirts from CUSHMAN.

Cotton linen Border Pocket T-shirt

Price: 7452 yen

The fabric is 85% cotton and 15% linen.

It's an authentic crew neck with a pocket.

It's a black and gray border.

It is good to try a chic border to begin with if you think it's too much to wear

black and white border items.

Until next time...

ORGUEIL Open collar Shirt

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

I would like to recommend an open collar shirt from ORGUEIL.

A shirt with a pattern will be too much, but if it's too simple... hum, No.

This would be ideal for that kind of feeling.

Paisley Open collar Shirt

Price: 17280 yen


When you think about a paisley pattern, you might think it's too noisy,

but you can't see the pattern of this particular one unless you look closely.

It's of course different from a plain shirt, but very chic patterned shirt.

The fabric is 100% linen.

Although it's black, it looks so fresh.

The pocket on the chest is sweeping.

Double stitch of the arm hole is impressive.

I highly recommend an open collar shirt for summer!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Buffalo Tracks Heavy Key Ring

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Heavy key rings have arrived from Buffalo Tracks.

They might be sold out straight away!

Price: 12960 yen

Until next time...

DALEE'S Smartphone Case

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Smart phone cases have arrived from DALLEE'S.


You can place your smart phone on the movable panel on the right side

with a double stick tape.

When you take a picture, you can push the smart phone up so that the lens 

appears out from the cover.

Excuse me, I can't put it onto my smartphone!

Price: 9800 yen + tax

Until next time...